Welcome to The Artful Soul Retreat

An online creative space 
for learning to express
your artful soul through
photography, sketching,
and creative writing

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Who is The Artful Soul Retreat for?

Anyone longing for a peaceful place in a busy world. No previous creative skills or knowledge are required—all lessons are beginner friendly!


Treat Yourself to The Artful Soul Retreat

We live in a busy and chaotic world.

The Artful Soul Retreat gently guides you through four creative modules (Photography, Sketching, Creative Writing, and The Artful Soul Retreat Comprehensive Project).

Through completing these exercises you will learn creative skills to take with you and use however you wish.

But perhaps more importantly, you will also learn to look through the lens of appreciation to see the beauty already surrounding you.

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Overview of The Artful Soul Retreat

Learn how to take expressive and meaningful photographs

Learn how to sketch with 
emphasis on botanicals

Learn how to express yourself
with creative writing

Free Access to Autumn Soul Nature Videos

Below is a preview of the videos you will enjoy during the Artful Soul Retreat. Have them playing on your TV, computer, or tablet while you complete your lessons.


Take yourself away to a peaceful place
of artful learning, pause for reflections,
and creative growth


Enjoy the free nature videos full of inspiring imagery, soothing nature sounds, and music while learning photography, sketching, and creative writing skills

What is included with 
the Artful Soul Retreat?

  • A Beautiful Artful Soul Retreat Journal
  • On-demand access to four modules: 
    1. Photography 
    2. Sketching (with an emphasis on botanicals) 
    3. Creative Writing 
    4. The Artful Soul Comprehensive Project
  • Bonus: Free access to the private
    Autumn Soul library of nature videos
    full of peaceful music, nature sounds
    specifically created for The Artful Soul Retreat

Lessons can be done at your own pace and are accessible anywhere with WiFi

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